Rev. Sarai Case

I am so excited and honored to be serving as the Pastor of Song of Life United Methodist Church! This is a growing, fun, family friendly community ready to welcome in new faces.

I am an Arizona native and find myself at home in the desert. There is beauty in this place that plays dead with its dry and dust appearance but is teaming with life once you know where to look.

I’ve been working in churches since my late teenage years in a variety of aspects. I love the United Methodist Church for its ability to welcome people who have questions; about God, the world, and people. As a result, there’s not just one way to be a Christian in the UMC, there are lots of ways. It is because of this ability to know God more even amidst uncertainty and questioning, that I became a pastor in the United Methodist Church.

I have served as a youth pastor, young adult pastor, chaplain, and associate pastor. I believe that the collaboration of a multi-generational community is richest type of church. At Song of Life, we are attentive to the specific needs of different ages, but treasure the ways we are together as one most of all.

This December my husband Paul and I will celebrate our 11 year anniversary. We also have two troublemak—-um, angelic children. I look forward to many years with this community and if you haven’t visited us in worship yet, I hope that you join us soon.

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Pastor Mike Wilkerson

I’m very grateful to serve Song of Life as a part-time Local Pastor.  I became a charter member of Song of Life in 2001 and have enjoyed serving in various roles.  I have two adult children, Thom and Mikayla, who attended Song of Life while growing up.  I also work as an electrical engineer designing integrated circuits.  I enjoy playing guitar and sometimes play with the band during worship.

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