Top 10 Reasons to Come to Song of Life in the Summer

Now look: Just because a few of our winter visitors left town for cooler climates this summer doesn’t mean you can take a holiday too! We are still here every Sunday, and we miss your smiling faces when you are gone!

To encourage you to keep coming regardless of the week or the weather, here are the Top Ten reasons to come to Song of Life during the summer:

Top Ten Reasons to Come to Song of Life in the Summer

  1. It’s less crowded – plenty of places to sit!
  2. You can wear shorts and sandals like everyone else is doing.
  3. It never rains (don’t hold us to this one!)
  4. You don’t have to choose a service – there’s room at all of them!
  5. You can get up at sunrise and still have plenty of time to get to the early service.
  6. You can play 9 holes and still make the late service.
  7. You can’t go swimming that soon after breakfast anyway.
  8. The Pastors will feel better about speaking to a larger crowd – we don’t want them to get lonely, do we?
  9. Football season doesn’t start until September.

And finally?? 10. God will be looking for you!

So chase away those summertime blues and come join us at Song of Life this summer! All your friends and family would love to see you! Oh, and bring a friend with you, too!!