A Beautiful Day Study Guide

A Beautiful Day Study Guide

Greetings friends and Happy Labor Day Monday!!
It occurred to me this morning as I was doing some early preparation for this coming Sunday that you folks might benefit from the study guide that I’m using for my sermon series called “A Beautiful Day. This study guide not only offers a short reading (similar to a devotional) but also some questions to think about related to the topic of the week.

This week’s topic was about feelings. We talked about how feelings are OK, whether we perceive those feelings to be positive or negative. I will share with you that yesterday afternoon, I received an email from one of our church members who said she uses the word “uncomfortable” to describe feelings like sadness, anger, and depression rather than the words “negative” or “bad”…because after all, as I mentioned in yesterday’s message, none of our feelings are really “bad,” because “bad” implies something we should avoid…and we don’t want to do that with our feelings.

Anyway, here’s a link to this week’s study guide which is related to yesterday’s sermon. I hope you find it to be as useful as I did. A Beautiful Day, Week 1 Study Guide

Have a blessed week…I hope to see you on Thursday evening for our Community Conversation at 6:30 pm!

Grace & Peace, Pastor Jody