A Quick Update for 6/4/2020

A Quick Update for 6/4/2020
Coping with Loss, Holy Communion, This Sunday’s Sermon…and Messages from the Bishop

Good Thursday afternoon, friends! I pray you’ve been having a good week. I have just a few updates for you today as we move into the weekend:

Joy Circle
This morning members of our Joy Circle ministry met for a time of fellowship and reconnection. Unfortunately, because the invitation was sent out late, we didn’t have as many folks join us as we think might have had they been given a little more notice. So…we are going to do it again one week from today!! The Zoom login information will be included in the weekly Zoom group email that will go out on Sunday afternoon.

Holy Communion
This Sunday we will celebrate Holy Communion AFTER the 9:30 AM worship service. We will gather via Zoom at about 10:30 or shortly after. Login information will be included this weekend in our usual Sunday invitation to worship. We wanted to let you know about it today so you can prepare if you would like to receive. We recommend you prepare a plate with crackers or bread and a cup of juice or wine and have it ready for when we gather together right after worship. We also invite you to have a candle that you can light as an invitation to the Holy Spirit to be present in our time of Communion.

This Sunday’s Sermon 
As I was preparing for this Sunday’s worship, I realized that the sermon I had planned on delivering on June 14 was actually more appropriate for this Sunday given the events of this past week related to the killing of George Floyd. So I will be delivering a sermon called “Fallen, Forgiven, or Freed” which refers to the story of the Adulterous Woman. I know this is a sensitive topic, especially for those of you who have children who may be worshiping with you. I want you to know I am choosing language during the sermon that is purposely discreet, but you might want to be prepared should your children have questions about the story, since the word “adultery” is used is the Scripture Reading. On June 14, we will end the series with the story of Sapphira, who we find in the Book of Acts.

Messages from our Bishop
Last week our Bishop sent out two electronic communications to members of our Conference. I wanted to make them available to you in the event you don’t receive communications from our Conference Communications Department. The first, called “The Bishop’s E-lumination” was sent on June 1 and can be accessed here.

The second message from Bishop Bob was sent out yesterday and can be accessed here.

Sunday Update
Our usual Sunday update with worship login information will be sent by Saturday afternoon. In the meantime, have a blessed few days.

Grace & Peace,
Pastor Jody