Are you SoL?

Song of Life United Methodist Church is a growing congregation of people in Queen Creek, Arizona. With a location convenient to Queen Creek, Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, and the San Tan Valley, we are reaching out to the many different people of the south east Valley.

No really, it’s S-O-L.

I mean our church members say it SoL, but pronounced like “soul”

but the rest of the world sees what you probably just did. That anacronym that means you’re out of luck, stuck in a hard place, broken and burned, lost, lonely, angry, well you get the idea…

Of course we’re all like that sometimes. Or a lot of times.

Ok, quite a lot actually.

I mean, it’s just not possible to live up to every perfect standard the world asks of us! Perfect job performance, superhero-like reflexes to every conversation or situation, 100% serene calm in the face of every challenge in life, undivided devotion to relationships, family, friends, and on and on…

We are S-O-L.

At Song of Life we believe that all of that messy life stuff is true. But we also believe in a place where all of that, well, doesn’t matter. It’s a place of complete acceptance and love, without limits or strings attached. That place is in the presence of God.

It’s not just the friendly atmosphere, the many generations that form one community, or even our locally famous “triple wide sanctuary” that keeps people coming back on Sundays.

It’s knowing that even when our human abilities and capacity to love one another fails, God’s love remains steadfast.

Could you be SoL?