Return to In-Person Worship Covenant

We’re making plans to offer in-person worship soon, if conditions allow. Attendance at our outdoor In-person worship will be limited, and we will use a reservation system to ensure we do not exceed that limitation. Those who attend will bring their own chairs and will wear facial coverings (i.e. masks) from the time they arrive until they depart. We will also agree to maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet from unrelated worshipers, will refrain from hugging and holding/shaking hands, and will also refrain from congregational singing or speaking out loud as a group. We will also agree to stay home if we’re not feeling well, and will advise the church should we be diagnosed with COVID-19.

These and other agreements are included in the Covenant document, linked below, which we are asking everyone to read, sign, date, and return to the church office as a way of acknowledging our shared love and care for all who attend in-person activities. We know there are many of you who are anxious to return to in-person worship and small groups. We also know there are many who will continue worshiping and attending their study groups online. For that reason, we will continue our online presence even after in-person activities resume. But for those of you who are especially interested in returning to in-person worship, we need this covenant on file for you and your family before processing your reservations for in-person worship.

The covenant form was first distributed last Fall, so it’s possible that you’ve already submitted one. If you don’t remember whether or not you signed and submitted your Covenant, please send an email to .