COVID-19 Email Update #4

Special Announcement #4 Regarding COVID-19 for 3/17/2020

Greetings once again SoL friends!

This update is pretty short…I just have a couple of things to share with you this evening:

1. First, we had a great Lenten Study using ZOOM, an online meeting application similar to Skype. We had nine of us participating and had a great discussion about the poor and the disadvantaged, which also led to a discussion about what we’re seeing right now as so many employees are unable to work because of the restrictions being put into place due to the Corona Virus, and how some of them are just a couple of paychecks away from falling into significant debt, or worse. In addition to the great discussion, it was a great experiment on using ZOOM, which I anticipate using more in the coming weeks to bring us together as the church.

2. Second, I wanted to share with you our Bishop’s recommendation regarding our churches and how he would like us to deal with this situation. This information was shared with clergy yesterday evening, and it was also sent out to our lay members just a few minutes ago. In a nutshell, Bishop Bob is asking all DSC churches to suspend in-person worship at least until April 6, which is the beginning of Holy Week. That means we could potentially hold services on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and beyond. Whether or not we do that remains to be seen as this situation is so fluid and it changes at a moment’s notice. So for now, that’s what we’re doing. We will find ways to participate in creative and meaningful worship. We will find ways we can gather together on “Zoom” for meetings and other gatherings. And we will find ways to reach out to each other to support one another through this ordeal.

3. Third, for those of you with children, we’d like to share with you the following resource compiled by Miss Erika that has all kinds of activities and ideas for keeping your kids occupied and engaged with their Sunday School lessons. Here’s  Week 1 of “Social Distancing Sunday School” Enjoy!!

I expect to have more to share with you tomorrow, so stay tuned!! Check your emails, and as always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call the office at 480-641-1200.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Jody