SoL COVID-19 Response

As part of our church’s response to the COVID-19 situation, we’ll regularly publish updates here about how we can all stay connected (and safe) during this difficult time. Among other things, we will include: SoL Email Updates, Worship Information (online worship options, etc.), Links to Other Resources, and more.

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Recent email updates from Pastor Jody (click here for archived email updates)

Live Streaming
We’re using “Facebook Live” from SoL’s Facebook page and this is the official place that you’ll find all the important information and resources. You can view the stream even if you don’t have a Facebook account (using either of the links above under “Online Worship”), so we encourage you to visit our Facebook videos page and practice, making sure to turn up the volume on your computer (or other device). If you have a “smart TV” or other streaming device (Chromecast, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, etc.), it’s possible you can stream our Facebook video to your TV. If you experience problems accessing the service while it’s “live,” or can’t be online at 9:30, don’t despair, because shortly after the service ends, it will be posted to our Facebook page and we’ll “embed” a copy here on our website.

Registering Your Attendance
Remember when we transitioned from registering our attendance on paper to using iPads? It took a little while to get used to that, but we did, right? Well, now we get to try something new! We have created a form called “SoL Online Worship Check-in & Prayer Requests” that we would like you to use to register your attendance and submit any prayer requests you have. This form can be accessed at You might want to go there before you log into the live stream if you are using your computer to view the worship service. You can also access and complete this form through the Church Center app on your phone.

If you have technical questions, feel free to send them to David at .

Pastor Jody covered other important details, such as online giving, in her COVID-19 Email Update #8, so please review that when you can.

COVID-19 Resources: