Easter Sunday Worship

(and a special request at the end)

Friends: we’re almost there!!! Tomorrow is Easter Sunday!! Here’s what you need to know to join our fellowship, worship, and Holy Communion activities tomorrow morning, starting at 8:30 AM:

Fellowship Time
As we have been doing the last couple of weeks, we will have a Zoom Fellowship time before worship. It will begin officially at 8:30 AM, but we’ll log in at about 8:15 AM so you should be able to join after that. I know last Sunday we had a few hiccups with that, but David and I will work on being more punctual this time around.

(connection details removed for security reasons – if you didn’t receive this information via email, please contact us)

Worship on Facebook Live or On-the-Web
Like last Sunday, worship service will come to you live from the Topping Living/Music Room!!! We will “go live” at about 9:15 AM, with worship starting at 9:30 AM.

During our midweek services this past week, we discovered some limitations with the microphone we’re using during worship. We think we’ve worked out the bugs on that, but if you have trouble hearing us, and you’ve checked the volume settings on your end, feel free to text either me (480-766-9272) or David (480-766-9228).

Here’s what you need to know to join worship this week:
Facebook Live: Whether or not you have a Facebook account, you can join the live stream by going here: www.facebook.com/songoflifeumc/videos (Please leave us comments during worship, especially if there’s something we might be able to improve)

On-the-Web: If you don’t have a Facebook Account, you can also join from the following link: https://song-of-life-umc.freeonlinechurch.com/live (You will not be able to message us or comment from this site.)

Share the live stream…if you can
After you have successfully connected to Facebook Live, we encourage you to share it on your own FB page so your FB friends can worship along with you, OR “Share” it with your friends, especially those who don’t regularly attend SoL.

Oh…and here’s your Digital Bulletin for this Sunday!!

Register Your Attendance
Please don’t forget to register your attendance and share your prayer requests using our “SoL Online Worship Check-in & Prayer Requests”  which can be found at https://songoflifeumc.churchcenter.com/people/forms/3953. You might want to go there before you log into the live stream if you are using your computer to view the worship service. You can also access and complete this form through the Church Center app on your phone. Unlike our in-person worship services during which we can count you without you registering your attendance, we can’t do that with online worship, so in order to get an accurate count, we really need you to register your attendance. If you’re unable to get the form to work, please let either me or David know.

Holy Communion After Worship
Those who wish to receive Holy Communion: we will gather together via Zoom around 10:30 AM (after worship). Please plan ahead by gathering together communion elements from your pantry or refrigerator at home. To represent Christ’s body, choose any type of bread, a cracker, or something similar and place it on a plate. To represent Christ’s blood, pour a cup of any kind of juice (either one in which to dip the bread, or one for each person in your home from which you will drink). If you don’t have juice, any kind of liquid will do…even water.

(connection details removed for security reasons – if you didn’t receive this information via email, please contact us)

We appreciate that many of you have transitioned over to on-line giving!! If you need assistance setting up your online gifts (whether one-time or recurring), please let us know so we can help you. It’s easy!! It’s convenient!!

By next Sunday we should have a financial update for you, and next week we will also provide you with “Text2Give” instructions.

And finally…I need your help on 2 things:
First, if you drive by the church campus and see the workers building our new sign, please take pictures and text them to me!!!

Second, next week I will be preparing articles for our newsletter. If you have something to contribute to the newsletter, please send it to me by email (). In addition, I’d like to know if there’s anything you would like to know about that we can include in our May Edition of the newsletter. Maybe you have a question…maybe you have a comment…maybe you have some you really need to know…or maybe you have a suggestion for something we might want to include in our newsletter. Whatever it may be, please send me an email with your question/comment/suggestion.

A Final Word…
Please join me in thanking our Congregational Care Ministry group who have been helping me reach out to folks in the congregation. They have been calling folks periodically, some as often as once a week, and keeping me informed of any needs, prayer requests, and concerns. If you haven’t received a call in awhile, feel free to call the CCM assigned to you, or give me a call at 480-766-9272. I have also been making a few calls myself, so if you received a voicemail message from me, please call me back!!! I would love to hear from you!!

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Jody