Maundy Thursday and Good Friday Worship Info

Maundy Thursday & Good Friday Worship
(and some news at the end…including Sunday School handouts for Kids at the bottom!!)

Good evening friends! It was wonderful knowing so many of you joined us for worship on Palm Sunday!! If you joined worship, either on Sunday or after the fact, and did not yet register your attendance either using the Online Form or by sending us an email, please do so ASAP. Since we have no other way of counting those who are present, we need to hear from you that you were there (even after the fact!).

Holy Week MidWeek Services
Tomorrow we have an opportunity to fully experience Christ’s Passion and Crucifixion before we celebrate the joy of his resurrection. I hope you will join us tomorrow night and Friday night as we remember The Last Supper and the Crucifixion of our Lord.

Maundy Thursday Worship – tomorrow night at 7pm (4/9)
Our Maundy Thursday Worship Service, during which we will remember The Last Supper will be held via Facebook Live (just like we’ve been doing on Sunday mornings. We will begin our worship at 7pm, and expect to begin broadcasting around 6:45pm.

During this service we will celebrate Holy Communion. If you don’t have grape juice and/or bread, anything will do: crackers, croutons, a different kind of juice…even water is OK during this unprecedented time in which we are living. Please plan ahead and have your communion elements handy at the beginning of the service. We will also share in handwashing during this service, so please have a bowl of water and a towel close by as well. Here’s the Order of Worship: Maundy Thursday Worship

Since Maundy Thursday is a rather contemplative service, we suggest you set up your personal worship space in a dimly lit area (although you’ll need to have enough light or a flashlight to see the order of worship).

Good Friday Worship – Friday night at 7pm (4/10)
Our Good Friday Worship Service will feature readings related to the traditional Stations of the Cross. No special preparations are required for this service, although we do suggest you set up your personal worship space in a dimly lit area, just like on Thursday. You might even consider lighting a candle or two. Here’s the Order of Worship: Good Friday Worship

Easter Vigil – (Saturday 4/11) and Easter Sunrise (Sunday 4/12)
I’m considering offering an Easter Vigil sometime on Saturday, either during the day or in the evening. I’m also thinking about an informal Easter Sunrise Service around 6 AM or so on Easter morning. Stay tuned…
Joining Worship on Facebook Live or On-the-Web
Like last Sunday, our Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter worship services will come to you live from the Topping Living/Music Room!!! More about Easter Sunday will be forthcoming.

Here’s what you need to know to join worship this week:

Facebook Live: Whether or not you have a Facebook account, you can join the livestream by going here: (Please leave us comments during worship, especially if there’s something we might be able to improve)

On-the-Web: If you don’t have a Facebook Account, you can also join from the following link: (You will not be able to message us or comment from this site.)

Unless we experience technical difficulties we will begin broadcasting at about 6:45 PM tomorrow and Friday nights, and at about 9:15 AM on Sunday morning, so you can log in anytime after that. Worship on Thursday and Friday will begin at 7 PM, and on Sunday at 9:30 AM. (Watch for more information about the possibility of an Easter Vigil on Saturday night and Easter Sunrise Service on Sunday morning. We may do those via Zoom instead of on Facebook Live.)

Share the Livestream…if you can
After you have successfully connected to Facebook Live, we encourage you to share it on your own FB page so your FB friends can worship along with you.

Registering Your Attendance
Don’t forget to register your attendance and share your prayer requests using our “SoL Online Worship Check-in & Prayer Requests”  which can be found at You might want to go there before you log into the live stream if you are using your computer to view the worship service. You can also access and complete this form through the Church Center app on your phone.

Holy Communion
Please plan ahead by gathering together communion elements from your pantry or refrigerator at home. To represent Christ’s body, choose any type of bread, a cracker, or something similar and place it on a plate. To represent Christ’s blood, pour a cup of any kind of juice (either one in which to dip the bread, or one for each person in your home from which you will drink). If you don’t have juice, any kind of liquid will do…even water.

During the Maundy Thursday Service, Holy Communion is built into the Order of Worship via Facebook Live. On Easter Sunday morning, however, we will hold our Communion Service at about 10:30 AM via Zoom. More information and a link will be forwarded to you this weekend for Sunday morning’s communion service.

We will not receive an offering during our Maundy Thursday or Good Friday Services. However, if you wish to give, we suggest you do so using our online giving system. We have recently tested our ability to give via text message in addition to using our Church Center app…I’ll send more information and instructions on how to use that later this week.

And now…some exciting news…
I’m not exactly sure when it will occur, but it looks like our new church sign will be going up very soon!! If you happen to be driving by the church in the coming days and/or weeks and see them working on the new sign, please take some pictures and send them to me!! Since we live in Tempe, I’m not getting out to QC very often, so I would appreciate seeing the work in progress!

…and a final word…
Since I have asthma (which puts me in the high-risk group for the CoronaVirus), David and I are staying close to home…which is really hard right now. More than anything I would like to be with all of you, especially at this time when we are about to remember Jesus Crucifixion and celebrate his Resurrection. I miss all of you terribly, and wish we could be spending this Easter Season together. But hopefully soon we’ll be able to worship together – in person – instead of via the web!! Technology is great, but it’s no substitute for being together! In the meantime, please know you are all in my prayers, and anytime you’d like to call, feel free!!

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Jody

P.S. I almost forgot…here are Erika’s Sunday School handouts for this week for the kids!! Online Sunday School