SoL Searching with Jim Griffith

In the next few weeks and months we are looking forward to hosting Pastor Jim Griffith, a church growth expert!  Jim has been assisting congregations since 1996 after experiencing  himself the many frustrations that can often accompany church planting. In his own words: “I longed to have someone come alongside me as a Barnabas…someone who would listen to my dreams and visions…encourage and cheer me on…someone who would ask probing and powerful questions to sharpen my thinking…help me turn obstacles into opportunities…believe in me when it seemed like nobody else did…care about my family relationships…pray for me strategically and personally.”

This is what Jim is doing for SoL. He has been working with us for the last couple of months, learning our history and current status of ministry. He will be with us November 10-12 and help us cast a vision for the next stage of growth at SoL. Many of our members will give direct input while he is here, and everyone will be invited to be a part of the work we get to share as a result.

Several members will receive email invitations to meet with Jim in small group conversations while he is here. Pray for those who will be representing us in this way. Several members will receive an email inviting them to be part of the small group conversations. Watch your email and please respond quickly by saying yes and sharing the experience with your friends.

At the end of his visit Jim will provide us with a report. At that point everyone will be invited to be a part of our next steps. His schedule while at SoL looks like this:

  • Friday Night Meet with Leadership Board
  • Saturday meet with small groups throughout the day
  • Sunday attend worship and report back to Leadership Board in afternoon

We ask everyone to pray for those participating in the process who represent us and help us build a vision for the next stage of growth for Song of Life.

If you would like additional information you may speak to: Laura Hauer, Sean Claypool, Pastor Jody, or any of the Leadership Board members.

This is exciting! Stay tuned….  Check back here to see the plans that take shape following Jim’s visit.

If you’d like more information on Griffith Coaching, please click on the link below.