Online Worship Summary 3/29 and More

Online Worship Summary 3/29 and More!!

Good evening friends! We hope you enjoyed last Sunday’s worship experience! We’re sorry for the boo-boo’s and the unexpected audio issues. We know this probably had an impact on the quality of the worship. However, David has prepared a “cleaned-up version” of the service, which includes my Giving Invitation which I understand was inaudible due to our technical difficulties. You can view the “clean” version of the service (and you can even fast forward through the sermon if you don’t want to hear it again!) by clicking on this link: 3/29 SoL Worship (Cleaned-up Version)

NEW!!! Fellowship time with your church family!
Several of you joined the fellowship time before worship using Zoom. What did you think? We’d want your feedback, so email us at   ASAP. And once again, THANK YOU to Robin Benning for being such a great host for this online gathering!!

More ZOOM Opportunities
Since it appears we may be “social distancing” and not holding in-person worship or small groups for awhile, we would like to offer as many opportunities for us to “get together” while still being in our homes. So if you have an idea for a new “group” that could meet via Zoom, please let me know so we can set it up. The more ideas the better!!

Speaking of Next Sunday and beyond…
OK…I know I wasn’t speaking of that, but now is a good time to do so. This Sunday is Palm Sunday. It’s also our usual Communion Sunday, and it means Holy Week is almost here. Now, Holy Week is a time we offer Holy Communion…a lot. But since we aren’t able to be together in person…well, that throws a whole new monkey wrench into the Holy Week experience (read on).

Online Holy Communion
Several years ago, the Council of Bishops rendered an opinion saying that Online Holy Communion was not to be offered. So according to that opinion, we would not be receiving Communion until we come back together…in person…however…

This past week, the Western Jurisdiction Bishops gave clergy in the WJ the option of celebrating Communion while we are forced to worship online. Now, I have mixed feelings about this. If we wait to celebrate Communion when we are able to come back together and hold in-person worship, what a grand celebration that would be!! To me, it would be a great way for us as God’s people to say “we’re back!!” (even though we never really left). However, I also agree with the WJ Bishops, who wrote in their recent letter: “In these times when we cannot meet in person, we believe it is important to offer one another this vital means of grace….we stand with our clergy who…have come to the place of believing that their congregations would be strengthened in this hour through the sharing of Holy Communion.” Given this, I need your help…so keep on reading to find out how you can help me:

Looking for Lemons!
If you attended worship this past Sunday, you heard me ask for lemons…if you have a lemon tree and you can bring me a couple, we need to have you do so by tomorrow (Tuesday, 3/31) because…

Governor’s Executive Order
If you heard the news earlier today, you probably know the Governor of Arizona issued a new Executive Order called “Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected.” While the jury is still out as to what the it actually means, we’re awaiting word from our Conference Leadership about what it means for us, especially with regard to worship. We do know that our office assistant is probably going to have to work from home, which means she won’t be in the office to receive lemons after tomorrow. If that changes, we’ll let you know.

That’s all I have for you today…and yes, I know it’s a lot…but it’s all really important, so thank you for reading to the bitter end!!

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Jody