SoL Check-In Assessment Results

SoL Check-In Assessment Results

Good evening and Happy Friday Night! I pray all of you are well and looking forward to the weekend. We thought you might be interested in the results of the survey that was recently sent out to our congregation members and friends. As a reminder, the survey was sent near the beginning of this month, and asked several questions about how things are going during this time of social distancing during the pandemic. After each of the questions, we’ve provided you with the results as well as a bit of commentary about the results. You’ll notice that some of the commentary includes some additional questions, and we need your help in answering those questions. So we’ve developed a quick follow-up survey of just 12 questions that we’d like you to complete in order to help us better respond to your needs during this difficult time.

1. At the current time, how would you rate your physical health?
44.8%   Excellent
43.3%   Between Excellent & Good
9%        Good
3%        Fair
0%        Between Fair & Poor
0%        Poor
We are a healthy bunch!! Nearly 90% of those responding rated their physical health as excellent! This is great news! What this rating doesn’t tell us, though, is how many of you are at risk for becoming very sick should you be exposed to the virus. So let’s remember to be careful and continue social distancing, washing our hands, not touching our faces, and staying at home as much as possible.

2. Personally, how much anxiety are you experiencing over the current pandemic?
6.0%     Extreme
16.4%   Between Extreme & Moderate
26.9%   Moderate
26.9%   Between Moderate & None
17.9%   Nearly None
6.0%     None
Most of us (nearly 78%) are experiencing a moderate amount of anxiety or no anxiety because of the pandemic. That’s good news. However, 22.4% are experiencing extreme anxiety. If you’re one of them, what can the church do to help? How can we as the church help relieve some of your anxiety?

The next two questions go hand in hand…
3. How much stress are you experiencing related to your personal finances?
3.0%     Extreme
7.5%     Between Extreme & Moderate
7.5%     Moderate
22.4%   Between Moderate & None
28.4%   Nearly None
31.3%   None

4. Has coronavirus significantly disrupted your income?
4.5%     Significantly
3.0%     Between Significantly & Moderately
6.0%     Moderately
9.0%     Between Moderately & None
19.4%   Nearly None
58.2%   None
Stress over personal finances doesn’t seem to be an issue for most of us (nearly 60%). But 37.4% are experiencing moderate stress, and 10.5% have extreme stress. It’s also a blessing that 77.6% are not experiencing significant disruption of their income because of the pandemic. However, more than 20% are experiencing some disruption. Given these results, let’s all remember that the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund is one way the church helps those who are dealing with financial stress. So if you’re able to contribute to the fund, please do. And if you need help, please contact Pastor Jody. We’re here to help.

The next two questions go hand in hand…
5. In the midst of this crisis, I feel very connected to my friends and family.
35.8%   Agree Strongly
28.4%   Agree Somewhat Strongly
25.4%   Neither Agree nor Disagree
4.5%     Disagree
4.5%     Disagree Somewhat Strongly
1.5%     Disagree Strongly

6. I have people in my life I can count on no matter what happens.
73.1%   Agree Strongly
16.4%   Agree Somewhat Strongly
7.5%     Neither Agree nor Disagree
1.5%     Disagree
1.5%     Disagree Somewhat Strongly
0.0%     Disagree Strongly
These results are good news: we feel very connected to your family and friends, and have people in our lives upon whom we can rely. But as with the questions regarding our personal finances, we still have some within our church family who feel disconnected right now. How can we help them feel more connected? How can we let them know they can rely upon us for friendship and companionship?

7. I sense a deepened calling to serve and help others in times like this.
34.3%   Agree Strongly
25.4%   Agree Somewhat Strongly
34.3%   Neither Agree nor Disagree
1.5%     Disagree
4.5%     Disagree Somewhat Strongly
0.0%     Disagree Strongly
These results don’t surprise me one bit. Song of Life is a generous church, so it only makes sense a majority of you would feel a deeper sense of calling to serve others at this time. So as a reminder, Jose’s Closet is still in need of food and toys for foster children and their families. There’s also a move in the near future to facilitate a food drive in the Queen Creek/San Tan Valley area. But are there other ways we can serve at this time? What ideas do you have for projects and service that we can sponsor?

8. My job situation has been completely disrupted.
4.5%     Agree Strongly
3.0%     Agree Somewhat Strongly
1.5%     Neither Agree nor Disagree
6.0%     Disagree
17.9%   Disagree Somewhat Strongly
67.1%   Disagree Strongly
This also doesn’t surprise me, since many of you are retired! But while a majority disagreed with this statement, nearly 7.5% agreed. Now, while we can’t restore your employment, we are concerned about those experiencing disruption in their jobs…so how can we help you? Is there something we can do to help ease the pain you are experiencing related to this?

The next two questions go hand in hand…
9. I am not anxious about my life as I have an inner peace from God.
41.8%   Agree Strongly
29.9%   Agree Somewhat Strongly
17.9%   Neither Agree nor Disagree
6.0%     Disagree
3.0%     Disagree Somewhat Strongly
1.0        Disagree Strongly

10. When I am in crisis, I find my hope in God.
50.7%   Agree Strongly
26.9%   Agree Somewhat Strongly
14.9%   Neither Agree nor Disagree
6.0%     Disagree
1.5%     Disagree Somewhat Strongly
0.0%     Disagree Strongly
What an inspiration of faith you are!! Nearly 72% of you are not anxious because you find inner peace from God, and nearly 78% of you find your hope in God in times of crisis. This greatly warms my heart. So to those of you who experience inner peace and hope: what suggestions can you give to those who haven’t or don’t? What can the church do to help?

11. As of this week, how confident are you about the way you and your household are responding to the crisis?
46.3%   Extremely Confident
37.3%   Quite Confident
16.4%   Moderately Confident
0%        Less than Moderately Confident
0%        Not Confident
Nearly 84% said they are confident in the way they and their households are responding to this crisis, and the rest are moderately confident. This is again good news.

12. How isolated are you feeling today?
4.5%     Extremely
16.4%   Between Extremely & Somewhat
37.3%   Somewhat
14.9%   Between Somewhat & Not at All
13.4%   Nearly Not at All
13.4%   Not at All
Most of us are feeling some level of isolation during this pandemic, which isn’t surprising. So what can we do to help? So far, through the church, we’ve offered several Zoom group meetings during the week, but not a lot of folks are taking advantage of them. So maybe we need to tweak them a bit. Are they offered at a bad time? Are the topics not of interest? And if they’re not, what topics would be more desirable? Is your congregational care minister helping you feel less isolated, or is there something he or she do differently to help you feel less isolated? Please give us feedback so we can respond.

The next two questions go hand in hand…
13. As of this week, how confident are you about the way your church is responding to the COVID-19 crisis?
62.7%   Extremely Confident
34.3%   Quite Confident
3.0%     Moderately Confident
0%        Less than Moderately Confident
0%        Not Confident

14. I am receiving the support and resources I need from our church’s leadership.
73.1%   Agree Strongly
19.4%   Agree Somewhat Strongly
6.0%     Neither Agree nor Disagree
1.5%     Disagree
0%        Disagree Somewhat Strongly
0%        Disagree Strongly
These responses to these two questions really validated that the things your leaders at SoL are helping us stay connected and providing support to our congregation members. But as I always say, we can always do more, or do something different to meet your needs. So what can your church leaders provide during this difficult time? What aren’t we doing that we could be doing? Your feedback is a gift to us, and we want to know what we can do differently to help?

The next two questions go hand in hand…
15. What type of basic needs do you need the most help with at this time? (select your top need)
3.0%     Food & Supplies
0.0%     Childcare
1.5%     Financial Assistance
0.0%     Transportation/Deliveries
0.0%     Housing Options
0.0%     Medical Care
19.4%   Emotional Support
76.1%   None, I’m in a good spot

16. What type of service are you most prepared to offer others at this time? (select one)
13.4%   Food & Supplies
0.0%     Childcare
10.4%   Financial Assistance
13.4%   Transportation/Deliveries
0.0%     Housing Options
0.0%     Medical Care
13.4%   Emotional Support
41.8%   Prayers
7.5%     Nothing at this time
Thankfully we are not very needy! It appears most of us have what we need right now, although some need food, supplies, and financial assistance. What more of us need, however, is emotional support. As a reminder, our Congregational Care Ministers are a great source of support during this time. What’s more, Pastor Jody is available for those who would like to receive a Pastoral Call. We can also send you our church directory, so you can reach out to other members of the congregation on your own. And when it comes to what we have to offer to others, many of us are willing to step up by providing food and supplies, financial assistance, transportation or deliveries, emotional support, and (most important) prayer. All we need to do is match those who have needs with those who are able to fulfill them. So we will be working with our church staff to develop a system to do just that. If you’d like to help with that process, please contact me as soon as you can.

17. What other types of support do you most need from your church this week?
20.9%   Prayer & Emotional Support
38.89% Connection & Community
9.0%     Opportunities to serve & help
31.3%   Bible-centered Message of Hope
0.0%     Ideas about what to do with kids
In reviewing the responses to this question, it occurred to me that you probably have some ideas on how we can offer these kinds of support. So if you do, especially regarding ways to meet the need of greater connection and community – which is our highest need – please let me know your ideas.

Overall we are very pleased with the results of this survey as they show that, as a congregation, we are in a pretty good place. But there are some areas we need to address, so we hope you will help us respond to those areas by helping answer the additional questions that came up as we were analyzing the above data. To do so, please click on this link: Follow-up Survey.

The survey will be open until Friday May 22 at 9pm. Thank you for helping us help you as we continue along this journey.

God bless, Pastor Jody