Weekly COVID-19 Update – 4/21/2020

SoL’s Weekly COVID-19 Update

Good morning and Happy Tuesday!! I pray all of you are well and are staying safe. I know, I know…being cooped up in our homes, especially at this time of year is frustrating, but remember, every day you physically distance yourself from others is an act of love. It’s your way of not only staying safe yourself, but you’re keeping others from getting sick as well.

I’ve heard from a lot of folks that they’re ready  for things to get back to “normal”…and I get it. I’m right there with you!! I can’t wait to spend more time out in the community, connecting with people I know and those I have yet to meet. I can’t wait to go shopping on my own again. And most of all, I can’t wait to be with all of you, whether we’re worshiping together, studying together, or meeting together one-on-one. That’s probably the hardest part of this pandemic for me: being physically distant from all of you.

But there’s one thing of which I am sure: as frustrating as it is to be isolated from others, it’s what God wants us to do right now. It’s the best way we can fight against this virus. It’s the best way we can honor God’s desire for us all as God’s people, to be happy and healthy. So hang in there, my friends! Remember that by staying at home, you’re doing your part to honor God and God’s people. Now, for a few updates:

Sunday School Resources for Kids
Miss Erika is working on this week’s Social Distancing Sunday School lessons. As soon as they are done, I’ll send them out to you. I’m also evaluating some additional resources for kids and teens…watch this space for more info.

Donations Desperately Needed for Jose’s Closet
As I mentioned last Sunday, Jose’s Closet desperately needs food, toys, and other household items for their client families. As a reminder, Jose’s Closet provides much-needed clothing, food, toys, and other supplies to foster, adoptive, and kinship families, many of whom are families in need. Here’s how you can help:

  • Make a direct monetary donation to Jose’s Closet using their online donation processes. Go to their website at josescloset.org and click on the option to make a donation. While donations to Jose’s Closet through the church are always welcome, the process of transmitting them to the Closet isn’t as efficient as it is when you make your donations directly through their website. Therefore, we highly recommend you make your monetary donations as indicated above.
  • Next time you go shopping, buy a few extra items shown on this Flyer and bring them to the church office on Tuesdays between 10 and 11 a.m. Please don’t leave items outside at the church as we don’t have people on campus on a regular basis. If you are unable to bring your items to the church on Tuesday mornings, you can either take them directly to the Esquibel/Doty home (their address is on the flyer) or contact either Barbara Anderson or Jennifer Blaes for assistance. If you need their contact information, please call the church office and Robena will gladly get that information for you.

During this difficult time, we know many of you want to help those who are in need. As usual, we thank you for responding to the needs of others, especially during this time when so many are suffering.

Coffee with the Pastor
Tomorrow morning we will offer our very first “Coffee with the Pastor” via Zoom. I think most of you have tried Zoom, but if you haven’t and need some help, please don’t hesitate to give me a call so we can walk through the process together. We will meet at 10 a.m. for coffee and/or snacks (bring your own) as well as conversation and prayer. My hope is that this will be a way for us to connect with each other even as we participate in social distancing. (Zoom invitation removed for privacy/security)

Men’s Breakfast by Zoom
This Saturday at 9 a.m., our Men’s Breakfast group will meet via Zoom. All SoL men are invited to attend. We know it’s by far more satisfying to meet in person, but in lieu of that during this time of social distancing, the group will meet in a virtual gathering. To receive the log-in information in order to join, please contact Joe Hauer. Don’t have Joe’s contact information? Call the church office and Robena will help you with that.

A Final Word…Please remember, if you view last Sunday’s worship service “after-the-fact,” don’t forget to fill out the SoL Attendance Registration form or send us an email at letting us know you attended worship. You can also use that form to submit any prayer requests you may have. Let us know how we can pray for you or for others, especially at this time.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Jody