Weekly COVID-19 Update – 4/28/2020

SoL’s Weekly COVID-19 Update

Good evening friends and Happy Tuesday!! I pray all of you are well and are staying safe. The weather is warming up…which means we’re probably pretty content to stay indoors! Since I’ve only been outside early in the mornings to take my power walk, I’m not sure what the temperature is…but I bet it’s starting to get warmer and warmer. So stay cool, as best you can!

Here are a few updates for you for this week:

Sunday Communion
This Sunday is our usual communion Sunday. I know some of you are waiting until we can meet again in person to receive communion, but for those who would like to receive this Sunday, we will once again offer virtual communion via Zoom. Login information will be provided at the end of this week. Please remember to prepare your own communion elements beforehand: some type of bread or crackers and some type of juice or other liquid is appropriate.

Sunday School Resources for Kids
Miss Erika is working on this week’s Social Distancing Sunday School lessons. As soon as they are done, I’ll send them out to our families with children.

Donations Desperately Needed for Jose’s Closet
Don’t forget to make a donation to help the families served by Jose’s Closet. Your monetary donations given through their website (josescloset.org) or your donations of non-perishable food items and/or toys (see flyer linked below) brought to the church office on Tuesdays between 10 and 11am will be greatly appreciated! Please don’t leave items outside at the church as we don’t have people on campus on a regular basis. If you are unable to bring your items to the church on Tuesday mornings, you can either take them directly to the Esquibel/Doty home (their address is on this flyer) or contact either Barbara Anderson or Jennifer Blaes for assistance. If you need their contact information, please call the church office and Robena will gladly get that information for you.

During this difficult time, we know many of you want to help those who are in need. As usual, we thank you for responding to the needs of others, especially during this time when so many are suffering.

Upcoming Groups
Mark your calendars for these group meetings:

  • Area 412 – Wednesday nights at 6:30pm via Zoom. Contact Ms. Carrie if you need the login information
  • Coping with Loss – Thursday, May 7 at 7pm via Zoom. Login information will be sent next week
  • Men’s Breakfast Group – Saturday May 17 at 9am via Zoom. Login information will be sent the week before.
  • Koinonia Study Group – meets every Sunday at 11am via Zoom. Contact Dean Wolfahrt for login information.

New Zoom Groups!
Last Sunday I asked folks to share with me some ideas for any new Zoom groups they might have, and as a result, we’ve got three that will begin meeting either this week or next:

  • Pastor’s Study on Tuesdays at 3pm starting May 5. This group will discuss the previous Sunday’s sermon, or any other theological topics that folks would like to talk about.
  • Kids Korner on Wednesdays at 3pm starting May 6. This group is for our youngest members so they can connect with each other (in lieu of Sunday School)
  • Moms & Grandmoms Unite! on Fridays at 1pm starting May 8. This group is for moms and grandmoms…especially those who are caring for young children…although all moms and grandmoms are welcome!!

New (sort of) Way To Register Sunday Attendance
We were recently informed about a week ago that Planning Center Online (our membership database) has changed their Check-in application so we can now “Check In” for worship the same way we did when we were meeting in our Sanctuary!! To Check In, you’ll need to download our Church Center app to your Smartphone (if you haven’t already done so). Then tap on the “Check In” option at the bottom of the screen. You’ll only be allowed to check in for the 9:30 online worship service. Now, those of you who used this option when we were worshiping in person will remember you had to scan a barcode once you arrived at church for worship. Once you go to the check in option you’ll notice that the barcode is gone!! If you want to submit a prayer request, we suggest you register your attendance using our online form as we’ve been doing the last several weeks. But if you don’t have a prayer request, you can use this other option if you like. No need to do both!!

Our May Newsletter… (available only in the original email)

In this issue you’ll find our usual articles “From the Pastor” and “Thinking Theologically” as well as some additional information related to our online presence during the pandemic. We will mail newsletter to those in our congregation that we know are not connected to us by email as soon as we receive the paper copies.

A Final Word…
I know this whole “sheltering in place” stuff is getting old…but remember, every day we stay at home is another day we are protecting ourselves and other people from being infected with this awful virus. Let us continue to pray that God is able to turn this difficult time into something good, and when we are able to resume some sense of normalcy, we will rejoice in that!

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Jody