Worship! Fellowship! Holy Communion! for Sunday 4/5/2020

Everything You Need to Know For Sunday 4/5/2020 at SoL
Fellowship! Worship! Holy Communion!
Palm Sunday!!

Good evening friends! I hope you’ve all had a good week and are looking forward to this Sunday!! Can you believe it’s already Palm Sunday!!

Fellowship time with your church family!
Last Sunday’s Fellowship Time was so successful we’re going to do it again! Thanks to your host Robin Benning, this Sunday’s Fellowship Time before worship promises to be a wonderful and fun experience. Robin will open up the Zoom Meeting at 8:30 AM, so plan on joining anytime after that. It will close at 9:20 AM to allow a little bit of time in between Fellowship and our Online Worship Service. If you have trouble getting into Zoom, please call or text Robin Benning at 602-762-1496. (Thank you, Robin for being our Zoom Fellowship Host!!)

In order to join SoL’s Sunday Fellowship, follow these instructions:
(removed for security reasons – if you didn’t receive this information via email, please contact us)

Joining Worship on Facebook Live or On-the-Web
This week our worship experience will be a little bit different. With Governor Ducey’s recent Executive Order and Bishop Bob’s corresponding guidance, we are no longer able to assemble our worship team in the Sanctuary. So our worship service will be coming to you live from the Topping Living/Music Room!!! We will have a combination of pre-recorded and live elements…and since it’s Palm Sunday, hopefully we’ll even have some palms!!!

If you’d like to get in the spirit, I invite you to grab some palms, or some type of green plant (it doesn’t matter if it’s a palm or not), to wave around during your singing!! Then, after worship you might want to put your palms out in your front yard…just to let folks know…IT’S PALM SUNDAY!!!

Here’s what you need to know to join worship this Sunday:

Facebook Live: Whether or not you have a Facebook account, you can join the livestream by going here: www.facebook.com/songoflifeumc/videos (Please leave us comments during worship, especially if there’s something we might be able to improve)

On-the-Web: If you don’t have a Facebook Account, you can also join from the following link: https://song-of-life-umc.freeonlinechurch.com/live (You will not be able to message us or comment from this site.)

Unless we experience technical difficulties we will begin broadcasting at about 9:15 AM, so you can log in anytime after that. Worship will begin at 9:30 AM.

Share the Livestream…if you can
After you have successfully connected to Facebook Live, we encourage you to share it on your own FB page so your FB friends can worship along with you.

Registering Your Attendance
Don’t forget to register your attendance and share your prayer requests using our “SoL Online Worship Check-in & Prayer Requests”  which can be found at https://songoflifeumc.churchcenter.com/people/forms/3953. You might want to go there before you log into the live stream if you are using your computer to view the worship service. You can also access and complete this form through the Church Center app on your phone.

Digital Bulletin and Displays
Here’s your Digital Bulletin for this Sunday. You can either print it before worship or open it on a tablet or a smartphone.

Holy Communion
Thank you to those of you who completed our recent survey about Holy Communion during Holy Week. Believe it or not, the choice between receiving communion online and waiting to receive communion until we are able to worship in person again was nearly equal. So as a compromise this Sunday, we will offer communion to those who wish to receive using Zoom after worship this Sunday.

In order to participate, you will need to plan ahead by gathering together communion elements from your pantry or refrigerator at home. To represent Christ’s body, choose any type of bread, a cracker, or something similar and place it on a plate. To represent Christ’s blood, pour a cup of any kind of juice (either one in which to dip the bread, or one for each person in your home from which you will drink). If you don’t have juice, any kind of liquid will do…even water. We will begin at about 10:30 AM, so you’ll have a little bit of time after worship is over in order to gather together your elements. Unfortunately, this time we won’t be able to bring elements to those of you who requested them. We might be able to do this next time, unless the pandemic situation worsens.

To join our online communion time via Zoom:
(removed for security reasons – if you didn’t receive this information via email, please contact us)

Thank you to all who have converted to our Online Giving Processes. We know this is a big change for some of you, and we appreciate your willingness to try something new. Since our church office is no longer open during the month of April (and possibly beyond), we ask that you either give your gifts online or mail them to the church. If you drop your gift off at the church, please leave it in the secure mailbox near the office.

We also encourage you to give to the Pastors’ Discretionary Fund as you are able during this difficult time. As you know, there are many who have lost their jobs or are otherwise in need. What’s more, some of the food banks in the area are no longer operating because of the possibility of spreading the virus. So your generous gifts to this fund are needed, probably more than ever before. If you’re able to give, choose the “Pastor’s Discretionary Fund” when giving through our website or the Church Center App.

And now…the final word…
I know this is a lot of information…in the coming weeks we’ll be able to consolidate it into something more simple…I hope! Thank you again for your patience as we navigate through the Era of COVID-19. We look forward to joining with you online as we worship our God, who is with us even in these difficult times. I look forward to “seeing” you in the morning!!

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Jody