Worship Info for 1/16/2022

Sunday Worship – In-Person and Online!

This Sunday we will return to our regular worship schedule, with services at 8:00 am, 9:30 am, and 11:00 am. Because of the increase in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, for everyone’s safety we encourage those who can to stay home and worship with us online. We have modified our orders of worship and seating plans in an effort to decrease any exposure to the virus. Watch Pastor Jody’s Vlog with more information about our modifications by clicking here: Pastor Jody’s Weekly Vlog

Our online services are at 9:30am (Traditional) and 11:00 am (Praise). Please see the link below to tune in!

Here are the bulletins for tomorrow morning’s services:

To join us for worship online…
Our Traditional (9:30am) and Praise (11:00am) services will be livestreamed as usual tomorrow morning. Join us about 10 minutes before these services when we will “go live.” Here’s the link: Online Worship

New Sermon Series Starts this week

In this series we will explore how Jesus’ teachings can offer us a better way of dealing with issues that have caused us to become divided so we can build bridges instead of walls. If you have a topic you would like Pastor Jody to address in this series, please join us during worship during which we will use a new survey application called “Mentimeter!” Make sure you have your Smartphone handy!

Bible Buddies Returns!
On Tuesday at 10:30am our Bible Buddies Study Group will resume regular weekly meetings. We will be working through the book “Making Sense of the Bible” by Rev. Adam Hamilton (available in paperback and e-book formats from Amazon). If you would like to attend online, please contact Pastor Jody at .

Year End Giving Statements Coming Soon!
If you have not received your statement prior to January 29th, or if you believe that your statement is not correct, please contact Robena at the Church office to obtain a new copy, or an updated version (480) 641-1200. Thank you.

Annual Pledge Campaign
In addition to our giving statements, we will be sending information about our upcoming Annual Pledge Campaign, which will primarily focus on the ways we give of our time and talent along with our financial resources.

Interested in Becoming a Member of SoL?
Join us for the New Member Gathering at 12:15pm today in the Sanctuary!

Coming Soon: Pastor Jody would like to help those who are interested in holding a midweek Bible Study group get organized and on the church calendar! If you would like to be part of this group, please contact Pastor Jody at her email address shown above.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow…either in-person or online!