Worship Info for 10/24/2021

Join us for Worship 10/24/21
Ministry Sunday!

Good Saturday Evening!

Tomorrow morning we will continue our series called “Transforming our SoL.” This series, which is part of our Transforming our SoL capital campaign, continues with Ministry Sunday.

If you missed Gratitude Sunday last week, we will have Gratitude Cards for you to use to express your Gratitude to God for Song of Life UMC

Here are our worship bulletins for tomorrow morning as well as our online worship service link:

If you’re worshiping with us online, go to live.songoflifeumc.org. Our 9:30 service will “go live” around 9:20am, and our 11:00 service will “go live” around 10:50am.

Additional Worship Info
In accordance with the CDC’s newest guidance, and the COVID positive cases due to the Delta Variant, we will continue wearing masks while indoors during all worship services. Please take a look at our guidelines printed on page 2 of each of our bulletins.

Online Worship
As we have noted before, we will continue offering online worship at 9:30am and 11:00 am!

Please remember to check out the announcements on page 2 of the bulletin!!

See you tomorrow morning, either online or in-person!