Worship Info for 10/31/2021

Join us for Worship 10/31/21
Prayer Sunday!

Good Saturday Evening!

Tomorrow morning we will continue our series called “Transforming our SoL.” This series, which is part of our Transforming our SoL campaign, continues with Prayer Sunday. This will be a very special Sunday: during the services we will share our prayers related to Transforming our SoL

Next Sunday, November 7 is Communion/All Saints/ToS Celebration Sunday!! We will hold one worship service at 10am, which will be followed by a very Special Celebration and a picnic-style lunch. We ask, if you plan to attend in-person, that you register your intent to attend as soon as possible by clicking here: https://songoflifeumc.churchcenter.com/registrations/events/1056543. This will help us make sure we have enough seating and food.

We will also livestream this service using our usual link; however, if you are able to attend in-person, we highly encourage you to do so as this will be a very exciting Sunday in the life of our church.

Here are our worship bulletins for tomorrow morning as well as our online worship service link:

If you’re worshiping with us online, go to live.songoflifeumc.org. Our 9:30 service will “go live” around 9:20am, and our 11:00 service will “go live” around 10:50am.

Additional Worship Info
We want to thank all of our in-person worshipers for wearing masks during worship. COVID-19 cases in the area around the church are trending down, and we expect it won’t be very long before we will be able to go back to our previous mask recommendations. We are also encouraged that children will soon be eligible to be vaccinated! Stay tuned! More info to come…

Online Worship
As we have noted before, we will continue offering online worship at 9:30am and 11:00 am!

Please remember to check out the announcements on page 2 of the bulletin, especially the one about House of Refuge!!

See you tomorrow morning, either online or in-person!