Worship Info for 11/21/2021

Join us for Worship! Thanksgiving & Announcement Sunday!

Greetings friends!
Tomorrow we will celebrate Thanksgiving Sunday with a Special Message called “Thankful.”
We will also receive a final announcement about our Transforming our SoL capital campaign as we complete the Commitment Phase.

If you have not yet completed and returned your Transforming our SoL Commitment Card, please remember you can do so either on paper or online. The instructions for making your commitment online are below. You can mail or bring your paper commitment card to the church any time. We are so thankful to all who have supported this campaign thus far. We know you will be very excited when we announce the total of our Commitments tomorrow morning!

To Make Your Transforming our SoL Commitment Online:
Click on this link to open our Online Commitment Card
If possible, please complete your online commitment card before tomorrow morning so we can include it during our Commitment Blessing Liturgy. If you need assistance, please send us an email at .

Here are the worship times and bulletins for each of our services:

Don’t forget to check out the announcements on Page 2 of the bulletins.
And finally, to join us for worship online…
Our 9:30am and 11:00am services will be livestreamed as usual tomorrow morning. Join us about 10 minutes before when we will “go live.” Here’s the link: Online Worship

Tomorrow will be another wonderful day! We look forward to seeing you either in-person or online!
God bless, Pastor Jody