Worship Info for 3/7/2021

Worship Info for Sunday 3/7/2021

Good Saturday Evening all! We hope you had a good week and are enjoying a Holy Lent.

This Sunday we will continue our Lenten Series called “The Last Week” and we will learn about Jesus’ meeting with the Pharisees and other religious authorities. Spoiler Alert: It doesn’t end well…

Tomorrow is also Communion Sunday, so please have your communion elements (bread or crackers, juice or water) handy as we will go straight into the Communion Liturgy after the Message.

In addition to your Digital Bulletin and Groups Info, we are providing you with a Study Guide that we invite you to download and/or print (double sided, if possible). The articles in the Study Guide will offer more information about the events of the day upon which we are focusing. You will receive a new Study Guide each week during this series. We hope it is helpful as a learning tool during this series.

  • We will “go live” at 9:15am with a brief welcome. Announcements will begin at 9:30am followed by our Centering Music and Worship.
  • Parents of kids…please note: Children’s Church and Kids Korner will NOT meet this week. 

As a reminder, we are also providing you with the link to our most recent survey that we hope you will take the time to complete. It’s just 9 questions long and should only take a few minutes to fill out. See below for more information about the survey and why we are asking these questions.

So far, our internet hotspot has been holding out pretty well while we lead worship from inside our SoL Sanctuary. However, if we have any connectivity issues with our livestream, we will continue recording the service and will post it to our YouTube Channel no later than 2 pm tomorrow afternoon. We will also post updates to our Facebook Page and Group.

Survey Info
If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you probably noticed that we’ve been experiencing a significant decrease in the number of COVID-19 cases in this country as well as in our state. The area around the church has also experienced a similar decrease in cases, although over the last several days, there has been a slight up-tick in cases, possibly due to the variants being transmitted. We are hoping the trend toward lower positive cases continues and we can resume some level of in-person worship, gradually returning to our regular Sunday morning worship schedule later this year.

We would like to begin by offering in-person worship outside, with worshipers seated on our patio and paved parking lot. This service would be in addition to our online worship service on Sunday mornings. The outdoor service would not be broadcast online due to a number of complications related to setting up our cameras and other equipment outdoors. We would therefore hold a separate outdoor service, followed by our online worship service, which will be broadcast as usual from inside our church sanctuary.

As we consider the possibility of returning to in-person worship, we are asking for your feedback on your preferences regarding in-person outdoor worship. We would like to know if a) you are interested in attending an outdoor worship service, and b) your preferred worship schedule based on the following choices:

  1. 8-9am Outdoor In-Person Worship followed by 9:30-10:30am Online Worship
  2. 8:15-9:15am Outdoor In-Person Worship followed by 9:45-10:45am Online Worship
  3. 8:30-9:15am Outdoor In-Person Worship (45 minute service) followed by 9:45-10:45am Online Worship. With this choice, the outdoor service would be shortened by removing several worship elements, like hymns, Special Music, or liturgy.
  4. Other Options – if you have a suggestion for a different schedule, please tell us!!
In addition to these questions, we are asking about your availability and willingness to serve as a volunteer during in-person worship services. The entire survey is only 9 questions and should only take a few minutes to complete.

Click HERE to access the survey.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey as soon as possible.

Here’s what you need for Sunday morning:
Sunday Morning Meet & Greet
Do you miss seeing some of your church family members??
 Why not join us for our Meet & Greet at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday morning?? This Zoom meeting is open to all. Here’s the log-in info:

We highly encourage you to join us for this Meet & Greet time before worship tomorrow morning!! The folks who have been attending have asked about some of you they would like to see but haven’t. What’s more, the Toppings also join in, so you can get a behind-the-scenes look at us as we finish preparations for worship! We’ll log in at 8:15, but the Meet and Greet won’t begin until 8:30 a.m. Please note: All of our Zoom meetings now require Passcodes, which are indicated with each meeting.

Our mid-week group meetings will be expanded to include those led by Pastor Jody. We are also looking for new small group studies that will be offered in the new future.
Here’s Your Bulletin for Sunday morning!
Here’s Your 
Study Guide for this week!

Here’s what you need to know to access worship tomorrow morning:

  1. Go to our website and click on the pink Worship Info button. You will be directed to a page where you’ll find some instructions and a purple Click Here for Online Worship button.
  2. When you see the “Play” Button in the middle of the screen (it may or may not be red), click on it to begin viewing the live stream. If it looks like you might be out of sync, look for the “Live” link near the bottom of the screen.
  3. From this page you’ll be able to access your Digital Bulletin, register your attendance, access the online Calendar, and go to our online Giving page. There’s also a separate Prayer Request button you can use to share a prayer request with us, AND there’s online chat!!

Children’s Church and Area 412
We also want to remind our families with younger children that we will have Children’s Church via Zoom right after worship. The Zoom log-in information is below. We don’t have any handouts this week for the kids, but Ms. Erika has a great lesson planned!

Ms. Erika will open up the Zoom meeting at 10:30 a.m. (or as close to that as we can).

Area 412 meets on Wednesday evenings. Contact Carrie Claypool for the link.

Please Register Your Attendance!
With this new online platform, registering your attendance is more important than ever before. So even if you don’t want us to know you are worshiping with us, please register anyway!! We need it so we can get an accurate count.

Registering your attendance is even easier than before!! 
1. When you enter the new online worship platform you’ll see some links in the upper right hand corner. Click on the one called “Connection Card” and it will automatically bring up our Attendance Registration form. You can still use this form to share prayer requests with us as well.
2. If you have our SoL Church Center App on your phone, tap on the “Check In” at the bottom of the home screen and follow the prompts. (The App can be downloaded to your phone by going to the App Store or Google Play.) You can check-in yourself and your family members just like we’ve been doing for the last 9 months in person at SoL. The difference is…NO BARCODE TO SCAN!! Please remember: this option does not allow you to include any prayer requests.

Also, please remember, if you view the worship service after the fact (like on Sunday afternoon or during the week), please register your attendance by clicking on the “Connection Card” link.

Giving is easy with our new worship platform! To access our online giving page, simply click on “Give” in the upper right corner of the window.

Our financial gifts are an important way we demonstrate our gratitude to God for the many gifts God has given to us. At SoL, we receive financial gifts by cash, check, or by electronic means. We strongly encourage you to use our e-giving processes (accessible through the worship platform, our website, Church Center app, or by Text-to-Give), but we also recognize some prefer giving the old fashioned way! For more information on our e-giving processes, please go to our website at songoflifeumc.org/give. To give a cash or check donation during this time when we are not meeting for worship in person, you may mail or bring your financial gifts to the church at 20164 S. Sossaman Rd, Queen Creek, AZ 85142. Our office is only open upon request, so if we’re not there, please your gift in the secure mailbox next to the benches on the northeast side of the office building.

Koinonia/Bible Buddies Study Group
This combined study group meets at about 11 a.m. via Zoom. If you would like further information, please feel free to contact either Joe Hauer at  or Dean Wolfahrt at . Please remember, this is an open group and all adults are invited to attend.

Thanks for your attention to the Survey!! See you tomorrow morning!!